Introducing The Sedge Island Melonseed Skiff


Sedge Island Skiffs is a boat building and boat repair company serving in Central and Southern New Jersey, fully insured and registered with the United States Coast Guard. New Jersey has a rich maritime history,and Sedge Island Skiffs honors this by focusing on building indigenous New Jersey small craft. Currently I am building my version of The Melonseed Skiff. A small 1880's duck hunting boat designed for the open waters of New Jersey's bays.

In recent years The Melonseed Skiff has become the favorite of many small boat sailors across the USA. The lines of this boat are absolutely beautiful and distinctive. What sets the Sedge Island Melonseed Skiff apart is that she is built using modern techniques and materials and has a high level of finish. I also exclusively use local Jersey White Cedar for the hull. A wood prized among boat builders for its light weight, strength and resistance to rot. I have made some common sense refinements to the original design that simply are not available on other versions of this boat. These careful refinements were made to enhance the design while retaining the original beauty and character of the original Which makes her much more enjoyable to sail.

In addition to building boats Sedge Island Skiffs also does repairs on wood or fiberglass boats, from covering boards and teak decks to interior remodeling and custom woodworking. Sedge Island Skiffs has over 21 years of experience in the professional boat building industry.